Fairlie Place Kolkata- The best street food place

Fairlie Place Kolkata- The best street food place, top vie of fairlir place, lokesh eric
Aerial view of Fairlie Place Kolkata

Fairlie Place is the main business region in Central Kolkata in B.B.D Bag.

The area is packed with different official buildings in beautiful Victorian-style architecture.

A busy office area, one can find office-goers and students flocking in the Stock Exchange Street for the variety of food that is available at unbelievably reasonable prices.

This place has every popular street food in Kolkata. You can get all the famous street food at the Stock Exchange Street, food loved by everyone who once tastes them

Fairlie Place Kolkata- The best street food place, lokesh eric
Fairlie Place Kolkata

The variety of food is endless, from quick snacks to chaat, from Chinese food to Bengali meals – everything at one street.

The Dahi vada here is must-try, along with the famous Alur Dom and Luchi – delicious curried spicy potatoes with fluffy Puris. Along with Puris, you can get stuffed Kachories to satisfy your hunger.

You can also get your hands on the famous Bengali Tele bhaja which are crispy pakoda/fritters of different vegetables.

Try these – Beguni (Brinjal fritters), Alur chop (Mashed potato fritters), Dal bora (Dal fritters), Dal Pakodi and many others.

If you would rather grab some quick tangy chaat, the choices might get you confused!

Papdi chaat, Dahi Chaat, Alu Chaat, Mix Chaat, Samosa Chaat are few of the options. Also, don’t forget to try the Dahi Vada which is as delicious as it can be.

If you are someone who prefers full Bengali meals, there are tables and chairs laid out in a few of the shops to enjoy your rice and fish curry, paired with dalvegetable curry with sweets.

The list of street food here doesn’t end. There is something for everyone. The place has got every popular food we love.

Have some Chole Bhature, hot steamed momos, spicy Indian Chinese noodles or simple Rotis with any healthy curry.

Grab some Jhalmuri, a tasty healthy snack made of puffed ricepeanutsNamkeensonionschilies, and coriander leaves and a favorite food craving for any local resident.

Get your hands on the delicious tea served in clay cups, cold sweet Lassi garnished with nuts and milkshakes and fresh fruit juices made according to your choice. Complete your meal with some mouth-watering sweets. The service is very fast, that’s why they are called fast food.

The best time to go there from 10 am to 5 pm so that you can have the best food experience there.

There are many places for street food in Kolkata but this one is special.

The ambiance is great with busy office-goers in formal clothes walking around the street or waiting for a quick fill and college students eating their full and talking about all things that matter.

This is best place in Kolkata to try delicious food at affordable prices. The taste and varieties will keep you coming back for more, so make sure you enjoy the food experience during your stay in Kolkata, They best way to enjoy the food is to get around and explore the varieties of food available.

Don’t miss these good food because you are scared you might gain weight (vacation calories don’t count.)

Fairlie Place Kolkata is surely going to have you impressed, whether you want a full-stomach lunch or just a taste of everything.

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