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The world around us keeps on changing constantly and is becoming more advanced. The same is with marketing, more specifically, digital marketing. The digital marketing trends keep on changing, and to be successful at it one should be aware of these trends.

We know that over the years, digital marketing has evolved and has become this huge base of different possibilities and trends. 

Here we have listed some of those trends that you cannot ignore in 2021



Artificial Intelligence or AI has taken over not only technology but marketing as well. So much so that the usage of AI in marketing has a term and we call it “AI Marketing”. 

The introduction of AI in marketing has reduced the workload and is a smooth effortless process.

For a detailed understanding of AI marketing read this – What is the role of AI in marketing?


Yes, chatbots! For over a year we have seen tremendous developments in terms of chatbots. These are AI-based computer programs designed to communicate with humans in verbal or textual methods. These bots personalize future conversations by building off previously conversational data through machine learning. 

digital marketing trends

According to Impact, Chatbots are expected to cut business costs by $8 billion by 2022. 

A website gets hundreds of visits at once, and handling that much traffic could be hectic for any human. And thus we have chatbots, they can handle and engage hundreds of people at once reducing loads which means you can focus on other more important works.


Conversational marketing has also become the most convenient way of interaction between customers and marketers.

digital marketing trends 2021

Customers now want immediate responses to their queries and this has led to the rise of conversational marketing. It is in the form of chats where marketers are active 24/7. 

This has made problem-solving and customer care services very convenient and quick. And has also opened the gates for employment. 


In 2021 social media platforms have become the most important and top channel for purchases and promotions.

But choosing the best and most used platform is an important factor. Nowadays people are using social media for making actual purchases and not just for discovering.

digital marketing trends

A company can generate traffic on its website through various social media platforms through shoppable posts. These are those posts that are used to direct customers to product check-out.  This tends to increase conversions through the payment process. Engaging content is a must to engage large crowd audiences.


Push notifications are pop-up messages that come up on your mobile screen or device’s screen once you have granted permission for it. There are app-based push notifications and website-based as well. Today, every other website uses push notifications. These are really helpful in keeping customers updated with new schemes, offers, articles, and everything that you update on your website.

digital marketing trend 2021

In 2021 a large number of brands have opted for browser push messages. According to research by Localytics, 52% of users enable push messaging on their mobile devices.


Consumers in 2021 areas equally concerned for the environment and planet earth as they are with satisfying their needs. And they want surety that the brands they are paying money to are also as much concerned for the same. 

Most consumers demand eco-friendly, cruelty-free goods and services. Brands should promote sustainability and include this in their marketing campaigns to make a profit for them as well as for the environment. 


Branding is the marketing practice that includes building an identity for your firm. This involves associating a name, tag, symbol, or logo with it.

Branding helps in establishing trust among customers with respect the authenticity. Customers are usually convinced to buy a product from the brand they know or have heard of.


According to Renderforest branding statistics 2021:

  • 77% of marketers say, building a strong brand is the key to their company’s growth.
  • 1/3  of customers have a brand name when they go shopping.
  • 59% of the customers prefer to buy from a familiar brand.
  • 82% of investors want that they are investing should have a strong brand.
  •  77% of customers refer to certain products by a brand name.
  • 75% of companies say brand awareness is a top priority.
consumer segmentation

Consumer segmentation means grouping your target audience on the basis of certain behavior, gender, traits, choices, etc. The aim is to target a small group and conduct large numbers of small marketing campaigns rather than targeting a large audience and conduct small numbers of large campaigns.

This provides ease not only to the marketers to promote goods but also to the consumers. As the consumers can receive sorted out, hand-picked products for them.


In order to conduct great sales, one should know what are the ongoing trends with respect to their market. Digital marketing has become the go-to marketing method for its various benefits, conveniences, and reach. Digital marketing is always in trend and thus, here we have discussed the trends of digital marketing that are ongoing or may be expected as we journey forward towards the end of 2021.

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