What is Digital Marketing?

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves all efforts of marketing that takes place on or using the internet on any electronic device like mobiles, laptops, desktops, computers, etc.

It can take place on numerous platforms like search engines, emails, websites, social media-using posts, and videos, etc. digital marketing can also be termed as online marketing.

Objectives of Digital Marketing

There are primarily 5 SMART objectives of digital marketing where SMART is a framework for fruitful goal setting. It stands for

  •  Specific marketing goals,
  •  Measurable marketing goals,
  •  Attainable marketing goals,
  •  Realistic marketing goals,
  •  Timely marketing goals.


The goals that you set for your company as a whole keeping in mind both the revenue as well as the growth of your brand are called specific marketing goals. These goals reflect your priority and your desired accomplishments.


These are the goals that track the record of your performance. Measurable marketing goals have Key Performance Indicators (KPI), these KPIs track your progress toward your goals.


Attainable marketing goals are set up to determine whether a specific goal is attainable or not. It is very important for a marketer in business to understand their reach and to contemplate that the goals they set are accomplishable or not.


In Realistic marketing goals, you make sure that the objectives or goals you are proposing are realistic or not. A marketer should be practical in understanding the possibility of certain objectives and discuss them thoroughly with the team regarding their practicality before implementing them.


It involves the setting up of deadlines and time periods for completing a specific objective, so at the end, you will be able to conduct periodic check-ups.

What is the Importance of Digital Marketing?

what is digital marketing

Today the internet is the most feasible medium in order to access a great reach of the audience for any business.

For any business, communication is the key and the internet provides you with a huge crowd audience in little time.

With digital marketing, a small business can become a brand in way less time as compared to traditional marketing. It teaches you how to build and expand your firm’s online reputation across all appropriate digital platforms. Also, it tells you how to get recognition across the globe with proper strategy and a few clicks!

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It provides you with more leads on your sales. At the same time, it increases your firm or brand awareness, traffic on your website, and the chances of more company or brand tie-ups.

Digital marketing is important no matter what type of your industry is or what are your educational qualifications. Whether you are a business person with a business of any size (small, medium, or large) or you are in product sales services, digital marketing will play an important role in growing and blooming your firm for sure.

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